The Buried Treasures of Old East Texas

The Buried Treasures of Old East Texas by H. Gordon Pettey, Ph.D. - In the early days, everything had to be transported into East Texas by mule trains and this included valuables such as gold and silver which was used by the missions, for military payrolls and expenses, and for jewelry—there were almost always jewelry craftsmen in Nacogdoches . Highwaymen often hijacked these trains and when pursued by posses, they dumped their loot in secrete hiding places which would forever afterwards be sought by treasure hunters. Beginning with the earliest Spanish missions, the people constantly searched for natural deposits of gold, silver and lead. It was claimed by the priests at the Ais mission, near San Augustine, Texas, that a gold mine had been developed, but this was never found. And other gold veins were told of. Lead deposits were found at various locations and even some silver was reported to have been found. The greed that resulted, the ghost stories that came about and the outlaws that pursued these riches make very interesting reading. The book includes a one-of-a-kind treasure map. Good hunting!!!

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The Buried Treasures of Old East Texas - Soft Cover -- $19.95

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